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General Scholarship Fund

Why are scholarship gifts important? Sixty percent of students come to Morehouse from households with a family income of $40,000 or less. Because of the College's prestigious international reputation, hundreds of highly-motivated and gifted students of color apply to Morehouse each year. The College, however, is facing increasing competition in its efforts to enroll these students as other liberal arts institutions try to entice our applicant pool, offering larger scholarships. 

Your donation today can help give Morehouse the edge as we compete for top students, make college more affordable, and navigate the increasing costs to operate. Scholarships fuel the hopes and dreams of the men of Morehouse as they prepare for lives focused on leadership, service, and excellence in their chosen career fields. 

  • Did you know that 94% of our students receive financial aid from the College?
  • Did you know that 60% of students are PELL Grant eligible - this means their families are only able to contribute $0-$5,000 per year towards tuition?
  • Did you know that HBCU graduates borrow nearly twice as than their peers at other institutions? Your donation today could help future students avoid that burden.

Many young men dream of attending Morehouse College—some are already students and are struggling to make ends meet. Today you can make a gift to the General Scholarship Fund to help make Morehouse accessible and keep the dream alive!

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Who supports Morehouse?
We are so grateful to all of our benefactors!
How are you affiliated with Morehouse College?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumnus $716,558.01
2 Parent of Former Student $66,996.00
3 Friend of the College $54,919.78
4 Parent of Current Student $48,307.55
5 Faculty/Staff $13,137.30
6 Current Student $2,187.35
How's your class stacking up?
Check back throughout the campaign to see which class has the highest participation!
What is your class year? (Four digits, e.g. 1991)
Rank Answer Donors
1 1995 101
2 1994 89
3 2007 82
4 2014 72
5 2000 69
6 2008 65
7 1998 62
8 1988 61
9 2001 60
10 2004 60
11 1997 58
12 2003 55
13 2006 53
14 1999 53
15 1993 52
Top Chapter & Affinity Groups
Ranking of chapters and affinity group participation - reach out to your friends to move your group up on the ranking!
Chapter & Affinity Groups
Rank Answer Donors
1 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 185
2 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 170
3 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 98
4 Atlanta Chapter 78
5 Glee Club 61
6 Washington, D.C. Chapter 57
7 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 56
8 Chicago Chapter 31
9 Thomas J. Blocker Society 29
10 Football Team 29
11 Student Government 29
12 Detroit Chapter 25
13 Los Angeles Chapter 24
14 Houston Chapter 23
15 House of Funk Marching Band 22
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