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Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival

During the past year, the Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival’s footprint has expanded by increasing our partnership network and overall yearlong programming. We’ve cultivated relationships with filmmakers, producers, directors, students, faculty, staff, alumni, other film festivals, and potential donors. Our vision is to continue elevating the platform to realize the vision of a world-class human rights film festival that enlightens, educates and supports diverse audiences around the world.

By promoting understanding and appreciation for world cultures, artistic and creative expression, and a commitment to global issues and social justice, the Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival promises to be an exciting opportunity to engage both the College and our community.

The goal of the festival is threefold: to educate and expand awareness of social justice issues, both nationally and worldwide; to generate conversation and dialogue around civil and human rights, justice and injustice, as well as to inspire innovative and creative new approaches to social change.

Throughout the year, the Human Rights Film Festival will host screenings of documentaries, features, and shorts leading up to a three-day festival and competition in the fall.

Your gift today helps sustain the Human Rights Film Festival and keep all programming free for men of Morehouse.

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