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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about National Giving Day.

What is #FundsForMorehouse?

#FundsForMorehouse is the hashtag for Morehouse College on National Giving Day (Tuesday, 11/27). We are inviting all alumni, students, faculty, staff and supporters of Morehouse to make a gift in support of the College. No matter the amount, we invite you to be a part of #FundsForMorehouse!

What is the goal for #FundsForMorehouse?

Our main goal during #FundsForMorehouse is to highlight the importance of philanthropic support for Morehouse. No matter the amount you commit to giving, every dollar makes a difference and helps the campus grow, supports our most urgent needs, or helps fund a scholarship for a deserving student. Teaching current, future and former Morehouse Men about the importance of giving back to is what #FundsForMorehouse is all about.

How do I make a gift?

On November 27th, make your gift online by clicking “Give Now” on our main webpage. If you prefer to make your gift through other means, please contact us for more details. Email: giving@morehouse.edu, Phone: (470) 639-0545

Is my Giving Day contribution tax deductible?

Morehouse College is a tax exempt organization.  With your contribution, you will receive an acknowledgement that will serve as a reeipt. 

I'm not an alumnus of Morehouse College, can I still give?

Yes! Morehouse College welcomes the support of friends and supporters who believe in our mission to develop men with disciplined minds for lives of leadership and service. Your generosity helps provide resources that empower students and faculty to achieve at the highest levels and position the College to influence the discussion on matters of critical importance to the nation—and the world. Those who believe in our mission should make a gift today!

I already give to Morehouse, why am I being asked to give again?

Philanthropic support makes a difference in all areas of the campus. We are appreciative of all our current donors, but ask that you consider making a one-time, additional gift to Morehouse in order to help further our progress. There's a lot to be proud of at Morehouse, and every dollar helps us to create and enhance the educational experience of our students.

Besides making a gift, how can I help?

Share the day! Help Morehouse spread the word by sharing your stories and images using the hashtag #FundsForMorehouse. We will collect and share your posts, allowing giveto.morehouse.edu to view real-time updates from the Morehouse community. 

Become an ambassador: Sign-up here. As an ambassador, you can share messages and create excitement about the day before and during the campaign. Spread awareness within your network by using email or social posts, and encourage others to join you in giving back to Morehouse College.

What should I support on #FundsForMorehouse?

We have several funds and programs that you can support. Consider giving a gift to several areas on campus; any amount can go a long way in providing support to Morehouse programs. If you still aren't sure what to give to, consider a gift to the Fund for Morehouse where your gift will go to the area of greatest need on campus. 

Is my payment secure?

Yes! Your payment is securely processed. The information you provide is used only by Morehouse College, and it will not be sold to any third-party organizations. Your credit card information will not be stored. 

Can I make a gift before Giving Day? 

You can make a gift to Morehouse at any time, but we are encouraging all our supporters to mark their calendars for 11/27.  If you want to be counted on Giving Day, mark you calendar and give on Tuesday, November 27th! 

Can I make a recurring gift? 

Yes, make your recurring gift here, and we will add your contribution to our National Giving Day donor wall! ​

What is Morehouse College’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number?


Other ways to make a gift: 

By Mail (Postmarked by November 27, 2018)
Morehouse College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 830 Westview Dr, SW Room #305 Atlanta, GA 30314

By Phone
(470) 639-0313


How do I make a gift of stock?

A gift of securities can be made with an electronic transfer of shares to Morehouse College The stock value is determined by the average between the high and low trade values on the date the stock enters the College's account. For more information, please contact Karen Jones at karen.jones@morehouse.edu or (470) 639-0313.

How do I make a cash gift?

Gifts of cash can be made by personal check or credit card.

What is a gift in kind?

A gift of tangible personal property, such as a work or collection of art, rare books, stamp or coin collection, etc., entitles the donor to a charitable deduction based on the full fair market (appraised) value of the gift if the gift complies with the standard of “related use” regarding the designation at and use by Morehouse College.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving includes a variety of philanthropic strategies that help you provide for Morehouse while also advancing your own financial and personal objectives. Through creative planning, charitable giving strategies are incorporated within estate plans to fulfill philanthropic goals, reduce income taxes, avoid capital gains and possible estate taxes, retain a life income, increase spendable income, and/or reduce costs of estate settlement. For more information on planned giving, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (470) 639-0454.

What are some types of planned gifts?

Planned gifts can take many forms, including: will or living trust, also known as a charitable bequest; beneficiary designation; charitable gift annuity; deferred gift annuity; charitable lead trust or charitable lead unitrust; real estate or appreciated property.

What are some advantages to donating online?

Online donations allow Morehouse College to receive funds faster. You may also set up recurring donations, allowing you to make a gift by debit or credit card every month with one setup transaction.

If I make a gift will I receive a receipt?

Yes. All donors receive a tax receipt from the Office of Institutional Advancement.

How can I find out if my company will match my gift?

Some employers provide matching gifts that can double or even triple the value of a gift to Morehouse College. Many companies will also match gifts made by employee spouses and retirees. Visit this website to see if your company will match your gift: http://matchfinderonline.blackbaud.com/MatchGiftInquiry.aspx?cid=21227.



Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes. Please let us know if you would like your gift to remain anonymous and confidential.

Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes. If you have a loved one who has been impacted by Morehouse College, establishing a memorial or tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor your loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. Your gift will be a lasting tribute to your loved one and make a difference in the lives of our students, faculty, staff and community members.

Who can I call if I need help making a gift?

If you have questions, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (470)639-0313.

How can I get a duplicate tax receipt?

Call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (470) 639-0454.

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Contact us at giving@morehouse.edu