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Join Us On Giving Tuesday!

We invite you to join the movement to provide greater access to world-class educational opportunities for students of color by supporting Morehouse College. On Giving Tuesday 2023 at Morehouse College, a Global Day of Generosity.

Your gift today of any size is an investment in tomorrow’s bright leaders. A Morehouse education is life-changing for students because we offer rising Morehouse Men not only a pathway to social mobility but also a mandate that inspires them to achieve at high levels to uplift themselves, their families, and their communities.


The Morehouse Difference

Founded in 1867, Morehouse College is the nation’s only historically Black liberal arts institution focused on the education and development of students of color. Ranked as Georgia’s top liberal arts college for men, Morehouse produces more Black men who go on to receive doctorates than any other college in the country and is a top feeder school for Black men entering prestigious graduate schools and MBA programs. The College has created more Black male Rhodes Scholars than any other HBCU and has the #1 core curriculum among HBCUs nationally.

Also named Georgia’s #1 small college, Morehouse educates about 2,300 students each year, 60 percent of whom come from families with household incomes of $40,000 or less. Many of those students, however, are still highly recruited by Fortune 500 companies. 


Join the Movement

Morehouse needs your support to continue to produce a pipeline of enterprising, accomplished men who change the narrative and change the world. Don’t miss this special opportunity to help develop the next generation of scholars to be transformative change agents in whatever field they choose, using their success to advance equity and equality.

You can invest in your favorite academic or athletic programs and scholarships, or contribute to the Fund for Morehouse, which provides resources to the areas of greatest need. Did you know that less than 5 percent of the gifts that Morehouse College receives are unrestricted? This challenges our ability to support our faculty, keep up with facility and technology needs, and reach our goal of becoming need-blind in admissions. Unrestricted gifts to the Fund for Morehouse give the College the cash flow necessary to address immediate needs, respond to emergencies, and operate efficiently.



Support the Campaign for Morehouse College.

It is imperative that Morehouse continues to receive investments in scholarships, faculty, and transformational programs to accommodate growth. With endowments at elite, private, liberal arts schools approaching nine times the value of the endowments at HBCUs, Morehouse is at a competitive financial disadvantage to accommodate the growth in enrollment that we anticipate. Overcoming the disparity has been a longstanding challenge for Morehouse and is one that must be met to ensure we can continue to serve our constituency at a high level.

We are in the midst of our $500 million “Making Men of Consequence” campaign to expand our global relevance, reach, and reputation as we strive to bring the world to Morehouse and take Morehouse to the world. Your investment will enhance support for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, faculty research and recruitment, the construction of new buildings, and technology enhancements.

Your gift today of any size will be counted toward our campaign goals. And it will also show the nation that you support Morehouse’s rich legacy as the top producer of Black male excellence at scale. 



The four pillars of the “Making Men of Consequence” Campaign for Morehouse College are: 

Rising Men of Morehouse

Ensure a Morehouse education is affordable and accessible to the best and brightest scholars from around the world.

Inquiry With Distinction

Recruit and retain exceptional faculty who are at the top of their fields and will advance our teaching and research.

Campus of the Future

Modernize our campus—both physically and virtually—to promote learning, foster community, and prepare students for the global age.

Centers of Excellence

Join the global community in addressing the world's biggest problems. 


As the national epicenter for thought leadership on human rights and equity, Morehouse is committed to helping the nation address the challenges caused by institutional racism, income, and healthcare disparities, lack of access to capital, detrimental public policy, and the need for high-quality education. 


Make Your Gift to Morehouse College Today!

Class Year Leaderboard
Which Morehouse Class will be on top in 2023! #Tuesday4TheHouse competition is on!
What is your class year? (Four digits, e.g. 1991)
Rank Answer Amount
1 1990 $7,150.00
2 1995 $5,625.00
3 1992 $4,245.00
4 1987 $3,800.00
5 1989 $3,800.00
6 1999 $3,300.00
7 1972 $2,525.00
8 1984 $2,440.00
9 1988 $2,360.00
10 2006 $2,095.00
11 1968 $2,025.00
12 1994 $1,847.00
13 1971 $1,778.68
14 2001 $1,773.35
15 1997 $1,750.00
Top Chapter & Affinity Groups
Ranking of chapters and affinity group participation - reach out to your friends to move your group up on the ranking!
Chapter & Affinity Groups
Rank Answer Donors
1 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 23
2 Atlanta Chapter 19
3 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 13
4 Washington, D.C. Chapter 10
5 Football Team 9
6 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 8
7 Glee Club 7
8 Chicago Chapter 7
9 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 5
10 Brooklyn/Queens Chapter 3
11 Broward County Chapter 3
12 Thomas J. Blocker Society 3
13 Los Angeles Chapter 2
14 Birmingham Chapter 2
15 Hampton Roads Chapter 2
Who supports Morehouse?
We are so grateful to all of our benefactors!
How are you affiliated with Morehouse College?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumnus $59,672.58
2 Friend of the College $3,210.00
3 Faculty/Staff $1,225.00
4 Parent of Former Student $844.92
5 Parent of Current Student $750.00
6 Current Student $255.90
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Giving Tuesday House Party!
Giving Tuesday House Party!
Let Celebrate! MCNAA and OIA Giving Tuesday "House Party". Location: Kilgore Center on the plaza, but we will be prepared to adjust to weather conditions and move inside if needed. Food service to begin at 6pm. Food will be served to anyone with a ticket. Tickets will be given to any student, alumni or guest that makes a donation of any size. Music to begin at 5pm. Provided by alum, DJ/David Boone. Atlanta Chapter will conduct its monthly meeting at Kilgore in the upstairs meeting room - 6pm.
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1 GA 96
2 MD 17
2 IL 17
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