Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership

The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership


As an ambassador, congressman, mayor, and civil rights leader, Andrew Young tenaciously pursued social justice, fearlessly led the fight for human rights, and selflessly created opportunities for the underserved. The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership at Morehouse College aims to carry on his inspiring example and rich legacy through:

  • The acquisition and dissemination of knowledge on social justice issues, globally and in the United States.
  • Innovative solutions for human rights problems impacting people of color and other vulnerable groups.
  • Solution-focused research and student training to develop leaders committed to solving social problems and pursuing equity.
  • Co-curricular engagement to help students experience the world and be prepared for lives as global citizens with a problem-solving focus.

The Andrew Young Center is home to important programs at the college, including the Leadership Studies Program, Study Abroad, the Higher Education in Prisons Program, experiential education programming, and the Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program! 


Your investment in the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership will help Morehouse to fulfill its commitment to developing intellectuals with a worldview who are dedicated to social, economic, and environmental justice and peace on a global stage. The Center needs your support to fund scholarships, travel abroad, faculty recruitment and research, program expansion, and more.


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Your gift to the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership will also support the $500 million “Making Men of Consequence” Campaign for Morehouse College to expand support for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, athletic programs, faculty research and recruitment, and campus improvements,


For more information on the Campaign for Morehouse, click here.

Invest in the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership.

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