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Since 1911, the Morehouse Glee Club has represented the intellectual and artistic preeminence of Morehouse College as it performed before packed audiences across the nation and world. Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends fondly remember hearing the Glee Club sing cherished spirituals, classical songs in multiple languages, and renditions of "Dear Old Morehouse." The Glee Club has a long tradition of many notable public appearances, having performed for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter, Super Bowl XXVII, and the 1996 Summer Olympics, in addition to a celebrated annual Spring Tour.




Your investment in the Morehouse College Glee Club will help Morehouse fulfill its commitment to developing next-level music that will influence American Choral performances across the nation. The Morehouse College Glee Club needs your support to fund scholarships, faculty recruitment and research, program expansion, and more.


Invest in the Morehouse College Glee Club.


Your gift to the Morehouse College Glee Club will also support the $500 million “Making Men of Consequence” Campaign for Morehouse College to expand support for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, athletic programs, faculty research and recruitment, and campus improvements,


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Your gift today will help the Glee Club compose more next-level music that will influence American Choral performances across the nation.

Class Year Leaderboard
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Rank Answer Amount
1 1994 $40,360.88
2 1990 $27,200.00
3 1983 $25,930.00
4 1992 $21,610.12
5 1993 $19,620.00
6 1984 $17,071.00
7 1988 $15,353.00
8 2002 $12,285.00
9 1995 $12,124.45
10 1989 $11,931.00
11 1999 $11,505.00
12 1997 $9,330.00
13 1987 $8,800.00
14 1975 $8,485.00
15 1979 $6,875.00
Top Chapter & Affinity Groups
Ranking of chapters and affinity group participation - reach out to your friends to move your group up on the ranking!
Chapter & Affinity Groups
Rank Answer Donors
1 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 143
2 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 134
3 Atlanta Chapter 101
4 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 57
5 Washington, D.C. Chapter 51
6 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 36
7 Chicago Chapter 33
8 Football Team 29
9 Thomas J. Blocker Society 29
10 Glee Club 24
11 Bonner Scholars Program 17
12 Student Government 17
13 Los Angeles Chapter 16
14 Houston Chapter 15
15 House of Funk Marching Band 14
Who supports Morehouse?
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Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumnus $850,920.73
2 Friend of the College $626,394.67
3 Parent of Former Student $18,374.92
4 Parent of Current Student $16,374.40
5 Faculty/Staff $3,160.00
6 Current Student $2,330.90
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