A Call to Action on Convocation Day, Sept. 14, 2023

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision ending affirmative action in college admissions is expected to have far-reaching effects on access to higher education and job opportunities for people of color. A 10 percent drop in diversity in predominantly white public and private liberal arts institutions nationwide has been projected. Sociologists have also predicted that the ruling could lead to a dearth in the development of new Black leadership. 


Now is the time to take action to offer deserving students a path to a bright future at an institution that has been producing outstanding leaders since 1867. A college that has always welcomed students of color and has always been home to Black Excellence, Morehouse College. 


The world needs Morehouse College now more than ever before.  


And as supporters of Morehouse College, we need you to stand with us on Convocation Day. Make a gift today to support the education of rising Morehouse Men.


The Morehouse Difference


Morehouse has a rich legacy of developing Black Male excellence at scale. Our world-class academic programs have been especially successful at cultivating global men of distinction who rise as leaders in every field.


Our leadership in human and civil rights is unparalleled thanks to the work of theologian Howard Thurman ’23 and Nobel Peace Prize-Winner Martin Luther King Jr. ’48. We continue to produce trailblazers in politics, from Maynard H. Jackson ’56, the first Black mayor of Atlanta, to the first Black U.S. Senator elected from the South, Raphael Warnock, ’91. And in athletics, Morehouse has also led the pack through the victories of track and field legend and Olympian Edwin Moses ’78 and 1969 World Series MVP Donn Clendenon ’56. And in the film industry, Morehouse has molded mavericks who have earned coveted Oscars: Alumnus Shelton “Spike” Lee ’79, a game-changing movie producer, screen writer, and director brought complex stories of Black life and social activism onto the world stage. In addition, acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson ’72, earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for starring in the most top-grossing Box Office movies worldwide in history. 


And that is only some of the successes of a few Morehouse Men. There are thousands of others who are making an impact every day as leaders in their professions and communities. The leaders that Morehouse College produces establishes the foundation for a more just, peaceful, and equitable society.


And while the end of affirmative action in college admissions threatens to change higher education in ways unimaginable for many American high school students, Morehouse will be there to ensure families that a college for outstanding men who aspire to lead lives of leadership, service, and scholarship is within their reach.  


Since the social unrest of 2020, Black students seeking a supportive environment that values diversity and sets high expectations for all have been placing HBCUs, such as Morehouse, at the top of their college admissions lists. Students who feel displaced by the affirmative action ruling are also expected to drive significant growth at HBCUs such as Morehouse College in the upcoming years. 


It is imperative, then, that Morehouse continues to receive investment in scholarships, faculty, and transformational programs to accommodate growth. With endowments at elite, private, liberal arts schools approaching nine times the value of the endowments at HBCUs, Morehouse is at a competitive financial disadvantage to accommodate the growth in enrollment that we anticipate. This disparity is a longstanding challenge for Morehouse and is one that must be met to ensure we can continue to serve our constituency at a high level.


Join the Movement


We invite you to join us on our journey to elevate the mission and impact of Morehouse College. Make your gift today to the historic $500 million "Making Men of Consequence" Campaign to expand our global relevance, reach, and reputation as we strive to bring the world to Morehouse and take Morehouse to the world. Your investment will enhance support for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, faculty research and recruitment, the construction of new buildings, and technology enhancements.


The four pillars of the "Making Men of Consequence" Campaign are:



Ensure a Morehouse education is affordable and accessible to the best and brightest scholars from around the world.


Recruit and retain exceptional faculty who are at the top of their fields and will advance our teaching and research.



Modernize our campus—both physically and virtually—to promote learning, foster community, and prepare students for the global age.


Join the global community in addressing the world's biggest problems.


In addition to investing in your favorite academic programs, you can also make an unrestricted gift to the Fund for Morehouse. That contribution will also support the "Making Men of Consequence" Campaign. Did you know less than 5% of the gifts that we receive are unrestricted? This challenges our ability to support our faculty, keep up with facility and technology needs, and reach our goal of becoming need-blind in admissions. Unrestricted gifts to the Fund for Morehouse give the College the cash flow necessary to address immediate needs, respond to emergencies, and operate efficiently. 


Your gift today will go to immediate use and make a direct impact on campus. Annual gifts to the Fund for Morehouse provide essential year-to-year support for financial aid, faculty development, infrastructure, and technology. 


By supporting Morehouse College, you are making an investment in the legacy of Morehouse and its ability to produce a steady pipeline of enterprising, accomplished men who change the narrative, change the system, change each other, and change the world.


Join the Call to Action. Stand with Morehouse College, the Home of Black Male Excellence since 1867.

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