Fund for Athletics Programs

At the Core of the College’s mission is the expectation of excellence in all endeavors. That holds true in athletics. The program works in alignment with the College’s educational vision to contribute to a comprehensive and all?encompassing educational experience and prepare students for excellence beyond the playing field. Focusing on its core values—health and fitness, pride, brotherhood, sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, and a love for athletic competition—has propelled its teams to glory. The Maroon Tigers have won numerous victories, including division titles in football, track and field, tennis, cross country, baseball, as well as individual awards for the program’s esteemed coaches.

Athletics are an essential part of the overall educational experience at Morehouse. Our department is committed to providing a vigorous intercollegiate sports program with many of our teams playing at the NCAA Division II level as members of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Gifts to the Fund for Athletics Programs are unrestricted and provide the resources necessary to attract and retain exceptional coaches, upgrade and enhance our athletic facilities, providing a setting where we are able to recruit talented student-athletes and provide a setting for them to fully develop as players and individuals.

With your support, Morehouse College can make great strides in bringing Morehouse Athletics to the pinnacle of excellence in sports and competition.

Who supports Morehouse?
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How are you affiliated with Morehouse College?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumnus $27,702.36
2 Friend of the College $10,380.00
3 Faculty/Staff $6,700.00
4 Parent of Former Student $6,375.00
5 Parent of Current Student $2,220.24
6 Current Student $100.00
Top Chapter & Affinity Groups
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Chapter & Affinity Groups
Rank Answer Amount
1 Atlanta Chapter $985.00
2 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity $960.00
3 Detroit Chapter $600.00
4 Washington, D.C. Chapter $500.00
5 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity $425.00
6 Columbus, GA Chapter $400.00
7 Track and Field $325.00
8 House of Funk Marching Band $300.00
9 Houston Chapter $300.00
10 Baseball Team $250.00
11 Los Angeles Chapter $250.00
12 Oprah Scholars Program $250.00
13 Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter $250.00
14 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity $200.00
15 Chicago Chapter $200.00
How's your class stacking up?
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Rank Answer Amount
1 1975 $5,600.00
2 1983 $2,500.00
3 1968 $2,100.00
4 2001 $1,600.00
5 1980 $1,500.00
6 1997 $1,200.00
7 1967 $1,150.00
8 1982 $1,000.00
9 1955 $1,000.00
10 1974 $1,000.00
11 1991 $800.00
12 1996 $750.00
13 1990 $750.00
14 1963 $600.00
15 1988 $500.00
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