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The Morehouse Athletics philosophy is identical to the College’s mission of continuing the long tradition of producing outstanding leaders.  Morehouse student-athletes demonstrate that a pursuit of excellence on the playing field is fully compatible with the pursuit of excellence in the classroom, and the combination of those two endeavors lends itself to a comprehensive educational experience.


The primary educational mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership, service and self-realization. The College achieves this mission through a student development model that emphasizes both curricular and extra-curricular programs as vehicles for teaching, learning and participation.


Your money goes far! We are requesting unrestricted funds to support and provide an opportunity for our nearly 220 student-athletes that comprise our seven (7) NCAA Division II sports to represent the institution on a national stage. Your gift today helps these students compete for championships, and more importantly provides them the resources and experiences to grow as leaders. Here's an example of ways your donation will go to work:

  • Funds to support athletic scholarships
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Recruitment
  • Nutrition
  • Student-Athlete Development
  • Strength and Conditioning

The Athletics Program at Morehouse College is an extra-curricular activity that supplements the academic program and supports the institution's educational mission by providing opportunities for students to participate in intercollegiate sports activities that help them grow personally and socially. In particular, the Athletics Program enhances general life knowledge, skills and abilities, including physical fitness, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork.

The focus of the Athletics Program is the development of students- both those who participate directly in intercollegiate sports and those who, as spectators and fans, benefit from the camaraderie and community spirit that is created by a vibrant and competitive sports program on an all-male campus. As an integral part of the overall educational mission, the Athletics Program reflects the values of excellence and achievement to which all of the College's endeavors' aspire. Your gift today makes this possible!


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