General Scholarship Fund
Keep the dream alive & support student scholarships!

The General Scholarship Fund provides support that will enable Morehouse to recruit and retain exceptional students by fulfilling their dreams of a quality, affordable college education. This scholarship helps to cover the costs of education and housing for Morehouse students.

  • Did you know that 94% of our students receive financial aid from the College?
  • Did you know that Morehouse College has a discounted tuition rate of more than 40% (approximately $25M annually)?
  • Did you know that 58% of students are PELL Grant eligible - this means their families are only able to contribute $0-$5,000 per year towards tuition?
  • Did you know that HBCU graduates borrow nearly twice as than their peers at other institutions? Your donation today could help future students avoid that burden.

Many young men dream of attending Morehouse College—some are already students and are struggling to make ends meet. Today you can make a gift to the General Scholarship Fund to help make Morehouse accessible and keep the dream alive!


Want to make a recurring gift to Morehouse College? Make your gift here, and we will add your contribution to our Giving Tuesday donor wall!

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