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Dear Alumni and Friends:

We have understood for decades that the Humanities programs are the heart and soul of Morehouse College. Our faculty and students are passionate about improving the world in which we live to benefit everyone. This is in line with the Morehouse mission and history of developing and mentoring agents of social change who walked through the halls and sat in the college’s classrooms. It is an endless and powerful list of men who had and have the courage to bring about change in different sectors and industries.

We are proud of our Division’s central role in not only cultivating within students a sense of social responsibility and integrity, but also the ability to think critically and communicate effectively in their personal and professional lives. Our Division is home to the Maroon Tiger Newspaper, the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, Africana Studies’ John Henrik Clarke Honor Society, and Faith-based Groups. Such small but powerful affinity groups play a critical role from a professional and personal point of view in the growth of our students.


#GivingTuesday happens after Thanksgiving and the widely recognized Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events that take place every year. Starting the holiday giving season, #GivingTuesday is a way for Morehouse College alumni to inspire other alumni to take collaborative action to improve their alma mater and a smarter way to help create a better world. Please donate now during Giving Tuesday to the Humanities Division!


We have some of the College's most dedicated faculty. This is very important because they are responsible for protecting the legacy of Morehouse College—African American History and the realization of the American Dream in its fullest. Our faculty also retain Morehouse College's valuable and boundless archives where the history of the college is preserved and managed along with alumni legacies, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection. The history that the Humanities faculty maintain and guard is your history and legacy as alumni as well.   

The Humanities Division—consisting of History, Africana Studies, English, Religion and Philosophy—will continue to play a critical role in providing students with a well-rounded education and fulfilling the Morehouse mission. You will read and hear more about the exciting work of faculty and students in the Humanities Division  in the coming months. However, we need your help to continue and to expand our initiatives.

Most of you already know that the college overall needs more alumni financial support.  I am sure you agree that the specific needs of the Humanities Division are just as important. I ask all alumni who majored in History, Africana Studies, English, Religion and Philosophy to show your support by making a financial contribution to one of these programs or to the Division. It is an investment to ensure that we keep our beloved Morehouse College and Humanities Division financially strong so that we can continue building men of excellence.

Best regards, 

Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris 

Chair, Humanities Division


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