King Chapel Restoration Fund
Help restore our global treasure!

After nearly four decades of serving the College and the larger community as a sanctuary, performance venue, museum and the College’s largest classroom, the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, understandably, has begun to show significant signs of wear and age. 


To ensure that the Chapel is prepared for the demands of the 21st century, in true ecumenical fashion, Morehouse is extending an invitation to invest in the Chapel’s restoration to every individual, corporation and foundation that values the inestimable contributions of King and those who strive to further his dream of a “great world house.”


Your gift today is an investment in the ideas, vision and courage of emerging scholars and servant leaders who, in ways small and grand, will carry on Dr. King's legacy. 


Your gift to the King Chapel Restoration Project will aid in renovating and updating the Chapel in the following ways:

  • Building Systems—Updated HVAC, electical, plumbing, fire protection and code complianc, including ADA.
  • Structural—Replacing the roof, auditorium seating, improving ceiling grid, painting, flooring, and signage.
  • Technology—Installing state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and lighting, new acoustical shell and stage equipment.

Simply put, the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel belongs to the world. It is our chapel. It is a cherished, incomparable treasure of the global community and, as global citizens, we must support efforts that keep this Chapel and its programs relevant and thriving for new generations of world leaders.


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