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When I majored in Computer Science at Morehouse College, we had to walk to the newly built A.U.C. Woodruff Library to wait our turn to use a terminal to access a mainframe, compile our FORTRAN and Pascal programs, and print out our source code on perforated paper.


I was elated when I brought my first computer (a Commodore 64) to campus. Suffice to say: times have changed, technology has vastly improved, and Computer Science at Morehouse College has grown to a place for students to prepare themselves for the demands of a high-tech society. Our Computer Science graduates are highly sought by employers and graduate schools. Some choose to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures right out of school. 


To remain competitive in our recruitment of the best high school and transfer students, we must continue to expose students to the latest hardware, software, internships and enrichment opportunities while they master the foundations of computer science


We need your support today to provide more students the opportunities to:

  • Conduct computer science research
  • Compete in programming and hackathon contests
  • Travel to conferences


Won’t you give back to Computer Science today and help future innovators get ready to take their place in this high-tech society as producers?  ​




Alfred R. Watkins, Ph.D. '85

Academic Program Director, Computer Science



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